The Simplest Way to Play Four Colors for New Players in 2024

How to play Tu Sac card game High efficiency is a keyword that receives special attention from gamers. Because this is an entertaining game with simple and easy participation rules. To better understand the betting regulations as well as the secrets to winning, you can follow the article below. jun88 game!

Introducing the main information about Tu Sac

Before knowing exactly about How to play Tu Sac card game Let’s take a look at the main information related to the game. Accordingly, this is a familiar entertainment product at the Jun88 online bookie system with the top choice from brothers everywhere.

Tu Sac is a card game familiar to every Vietnamese person with its origin from China. To start a turn on the table, there must be at least 2 people and a maximum of 4 people. Compared to other card games on the market, Tu Sac is completely different as it does not use a 52-card deck.

Instead, Tu Sac uses a deck of cards made of rectangular cardboard, including 7 cards: chariot, cannon, general, soldier, bishop, knight, pawn. Each piece will be divided into 16 cards with 4 colors blue, red, white, yellow.

The most detailed instructions for playing four-color card game for beginners

Basically, the process of participating in the Tu Sac card game between online and offline forms is somewhat similar. But if you don’t know How to play Tu Sac card game You can refer to the content below:

Deal cards according to the dealer Jun88

In the game Tu Sac, the number of cards appearing is higher than usual, so it will not be divided individually. Instead Jun88 .com will deal 5 cards to each person in turn, stopping when there are 20 different cards.

In the first turn, the dealer will play first with 6 cards. The remaining cards will be placed in the center of the table and are called piles. Participants will arrange the cards in odd and even combinations. The trash cards will be set aside to round up the cards.

How to play four-color cards – Arrange cards in sets 

When you first start joining Tu Sac, you will feel something different compared to many other names. However, the first job that gamers need to do is arrange the cards.

Most experienced members will arrange the cards in order from largest to smallest. However, you should also pay attention to the combination of duos on the table with the following specific rules:

  • Chess: That means combining 2 – 3 cards of the same suit, players can choose to put them together. In case there is more than 1 champion in another country, it is still counted as odd but not trash.
  • Even: That means combining 2 – 4 identical cards, players can arrange them next to each other.
  • Pawns: Count the pieces in your hand using the above parity rule. In addition, you can also choose to collect 3-4 Pawns of different colors.
  • Odd, also known by another name, is the three-fold combination such as: chariot – cannon – horse bracketed general – soldier – statue of the same color.
  • Junk: That means your 20 decks or cards that cannot form a pair or combination are counted as junk.

How to play four-color cards – waiting to win

Winning is only counted when you don’t have any junk cards in your hand. In case of waiting to win, it will be specifically divided as follows:

  • Even cards: This means you have no trash cards in your hand, just wait for someone else’s turn or you can take the trash from the table.  
  • Cards waiting to be matched are odd or even without any trash: This case is counted when a member on the table has an odd or even set, just waiting for one more suitable card to run out of trash immediately.

Tips for playing Tu Sac card game to win easily

Clearly understand How to play Tu Sac card game That’s not enough for you to win. Instead, you need to learn and equip yourself with useful strategies from experts that we have summarized below:

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  • Remember the lesson: This is an important skill that you need to know when participating in the Tu Sac lesson. In case you do not remember the exact cards played, you can easily be the one holding the junk cards.
  • Playing cards: When playing Tu Sac at the table, don’t just pay attention to playing all the junk cards in your hand. Instead, pay attention to the cards played by your opponent to capture them to create the strongest connection.
  • Stable mentality: When participating in Tu Sac as well as other card games, keeping a stable mentality is always an important factor to win. Don’t let yourself be affected by surrounding issues.


The above article has detailed instructions How to play Tu Sac card game to brothers. Hope you can update and participate quickly here Jun88 without taking too much time. Good luck to you!

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