How to Choose the Best Fitness and Wellness Apps

Fitness and wellness apps come in many forms. Some help you track your goals, provide a social platform to connect with other users, while others enable food journaling.

Some features come standard with the app itself, while others require you to pay for a subscription service. No matter which way you choose to utilize these applications, there are some things you should keep in mind when selecting the perfect one for you.

Types of Workouts Offered: Some apps focus specifically on specific exercises, while others provide a range of classes such as yoga, Pilates, strength training and calisthenics. When searching for an app that offers various workout options tailor it to your individual needs and preferences.

Safety: Most fitness apps provide several safety features to safeguard you while working out. They can block the start and finish locations for privacy, or send text messages to friends if you’re running or biking so they can follow along with your progress.

The app is an invaluable resource for athletes who share your goals. It also enables you to craft a personalized workout plan tailored towards your own schedule and objectives.

Workouts Led by Professional Trainers: Accessing workouts led by experienced fitness professionals is an invaluable feature of any fitness app. This makes it simple for newcomers to find exercises tailored towards their skill level and dietary requirements.

Sworkit is the ideal app if you’re looking to tone up muscles, burn fat, build endurance or enhance flexibility. Simply select your workout goal (strength, cardio, yoga or stretching), select how long you have available for workouts and Sworkit will create a personalized program tailored just for you.

It also offers a selection of carefully curated classes, such as monthly challenges with differing skill levels or trainers, plus the option to follow your favorite instructors. You can search for classes based on muscle group, equipment needed and more to find something tailored specifically to you.

MyFitnessPal: This popular fitness tracking app boasts a database of over 6 million foods and is one of the most widely used health and fitness applications available. Plus, there’s an active community offering tips and personal experiences.

Alo Moves: This app offers hundreds of high-quality classes and programs, many taught by certified trainers. Plus, you can take online classes from home if you don’t have access to a fitness studio or gym nearby.

Future: This app is unique in that it connects you to an elite personal fitness coach who checks in regularly, provides feedback and customizes your workout for specific goals. It also takes into account what equipment you have available, whether you use a fitness tracker or wearable watch, and more.

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