Alternatives to Chemical-based Pest Control Pesticides 

Chemical-based pesticides can prove dangerous to other living beings. It is, thus, necessary to use alternatives rather using toxic chemicals for pests. Yes, it is true that stubborn pests do not get tackled with herbal pesticides, but there are appropriate measures to deal with them. Do a bit of online research using words such as pest exterminator near me to get a better understanding of the subject. 

Following are the other options available if you do not want to use chemical-based pesticides:

  • Diatomaceous Earth

This is a substance made from fossil remains of very small aquatic organisms known as diatoms. There is a natural substance obtained from their skeletons called silica. This is readily available at garden care centers. This substance works the best on crawling insects like slugs and snails. You can use this directly on the leaves or mix it with very little water and sprinkle it on the walls. After rains, this works the best!

  • Neem or Indian Lilac Oil

This is easily available at many garden care centers. It is widely known as the most effective medicine in Ayurveda. It clearly disrupts the life cycle of insects at all stages. It is used as an herbal pesticide that has proved non-toxic to birds, pets, fish and other wildlife. Additionally, it does not add any pollution to water, ground or air. It is very effective against many common pests and insects.

  • Thyme, Peppermint and Rosemary Oil Repellants

Try this solution – 

Mix 10 drops of each proportionately and put this oil mixture in a spray water bottle. Spray it in your garden and lawn areas. This mixture acts better as a repellant for flies, fleas, caterpillars, ants, beetles, spiders, ticks, roaches and many other common pests and insects. 

This is the most non-toxic alternative which won’t cause any harm to any of the other living beings in your house. You can try spraying the same on the wet walls and toilet seats of your washroom as well. However, this may not prove effective on stubborn and deadly pests. 

  • Homemade Pesticidal Liquid Soaps

Spray this directly on the affected areas to get rid of common pests. Use words like pest exterminator near me to get more knowledge on this subject. Homemade pesticidal soaps are eco-friendly and do not intend to destroy or harm other living species. This way you can keep the ecological balance intact. 

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