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Oktoberfest – More Than Just Beer and Brats

For over two centuries, Oktoberfest has been the largest celebration of Bavarian culture worldwide. A two week long party draws millions to Munich, Germany each year; but there’s much more to this renowned festival than just beer and brats!

Oktoberfest can be traced back to a wedding celebration on Theresienwiese (Theasa’s Meadow) in 1810. King Ludwig I of Bavaria invited citizens from Munich, his home town, to join him and his new bride at the celebration. It proved so popular that Munich decided to hold it again the following year.

Since then, the festival has blossomed into a bustling carnival atmosphere at the city’s fairgrounds each October. It offers rides and games as well as booths offering various culinary treats like pork sausages, leberkase (liver cheese), bretzels (puffed bread), potato salad, sauerkraut, glazed fruits and other traditional German snacks and treats.

Are you thinking of attending Oktoberfest with your family? Before you make the journey, here are a few things to keep in mind: Dress appropriately!

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Doning a Dirndl and Lederhosen is an excellent way for your family to truly immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Oktoberfest. This will guarantee that your experience at the festival is one that yours to remember.

Beyond dressing up in traditional Bavarian clothing, there are other activities you can do to make your visit even more enjoyable. These include singing songs, playing games and taking part in activities tailored specifically for Oktoberfest.

Music is an essential element of Oktoberfest, so make sure your playlist includes some sing-along favorites. One popular selection is Hands to Heaven – an energetic song that encourages attendees to raise their hands and clap along.

Bring some klezmer tunes, such as “Oberbayern” or “Haben holt”. These traditional Bavarian songs have been adapted for this special occasion and sung by all participants.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and capture all the breathtaking sights! These pictures will be treasured for years to come!

While you wait for your food, don’t forget to grab a salt-studded pretzel! They’re always fresh, crunchy and delicious!

A salt-studded pretzel is the ideal snack to enjoy while sipping on a refreshing mug of alcoholic beverage. It will keep you fueled as you party the night away.

If you’re worried about the cost of beer at Oktoberfest, there are plenty of ways to save. Choose from various types of beers or even go non-alcoholic!

Another enjoyable option is drinking apple juice and sparkling water, affectionately known as apfelschorle in Bavaria. This classic cocktail is a staple at every tent celebration.

It’s a popular beverage among both kids and adults, available in glass or plastic cups. You can purchase unbranded 1L versions online or even branded ones from Munich breweries.

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