Gray Xap Xam – Game Rules and Hundred Wins Strategy

Gray Binh Xap is one of the games loved and chosen by many people. The game is highly intellectual and promises to bring the opportunity to earn huge bonuses for members. Please join Jun88 to immediately refer to relevant information Come to this martial arts game.

Basic introductory information about the Gray Army

Another name for the game is Mau Binh or Thap Tam, a card game genre with folk origins. Besides the games Tien Len and Ta La, this is a game that is loved and chosen by many members.

Mau Binh is offered by many bookmakers and game portals, promising to bring large amounts of money when winning. A card game will be based on the familiar 52-card Western deck, with a number of members ranging from 2 to 4 members. Each member will receive 13 cards and arrange them into branches to compare and decide victory or defeat.

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The basic rules of the game of Gray Binh Xap need to be clearly understood

To enjoy a convenient and easy-to-win game of Thirteen, players need to understand the basic rules. 

The basic rules of the game in Mau Binh need to be clearly understood

In each game of Gray Xap, players will receive 13 cards, which are then used to divide into 3 groups. The arrangement of cards in Mau Binh also needs to comply with certain rules. Accordingly, the first and second branches will receive 5 leaves, and the last branch will have 3 leaves. Members will arrange the cards according to the specified time or can choose automatically.

After arranging the limbs from large to small, the player will compare the scores between the limbs. During the card comparison process, every player who wins a hand will receive a huge bonus. In addition, if members have special decks of cards in their hands, they will win outright.

Understand the important links while playing the card game Binh Xap Xam

To be able to win from the Mau Binh game, members need to clearly understand how to combine cards. Below are important links that you need to understand while playing the game Thirteen.

  • Mau Bi: Used to refer to odd cards in the game, which cannot be linked with other cards.
  • Pair: A combination formed from two cards of the same value.
  • Animal: The Gray Binh Xap Xap complex has 2 pairs, with 1 high pair and 1 low pair.
  • Gray: If the player owns a combination of 3 cards with the same value, it will be called gray.
  • Straight: Used to refer to a combination of 3 identical cards forming a combination in the card Mau Binh.
  • Straight: If a member must own 5 consecutive cards in their hand, they cannot be placed in the last hand.
  • Flush: A combination of 5 cards of the same quality and consecutive value, for example 3 4 5 6 7 Aces.
  • Full flood: Combination includes 1 pair and 1 gray, cannot be used to rank in the last limb.
  • Four of a kind: 4 equal cards.
  • Straight flush: Not used in the last hand, is a combination of cards of the same color, same suit and in sequence.
  • Large straight-clearing box: The largest straight-clearing box combination, with an ace card, is the strongest in Gray Xap.

Cases of winning white when playing Mau Binh online

To win with Mau Binh card game, members need to clearly understand the white winning rules. Specifically, below are the white winning cases from small to large that members need to clearly understand:

Three halls Set of 3 branches, place each branch in a hall in the Gray Army.
3 barrels

3 crates to break the lobby

Each branch arranges a box or box to destroy the hall. If both sides own this combination, the boxes in the branches will be compared.
Luc phe bon A combination of players who own 6 pairs and 1 mea bid, two people with the same six phe bon will have the highest surplus.
Same color 2 The player owns 12 cards of the same color black or red.
Same color 1 The member owns 13 cards of the same color black or red.
3 crates to break the lobby The combination of straight flushing boxes is arranged into 3 hands of cards.
Dragon Hall The player owns cards from 2 to ace but not of the same quality.
Rolling dragon Combination of 2 up to ace and of the same suit.

Some strategies for playing Binh Xap Xam are super simple and effective

Mau Binh is one of the tactical games so it is chosen by many people. If members want to win this game, they need to refer to some of the strategies below:

Arrange 3 swords

One of the effective techniques when playing Mau Binh is the 3-knife hall. If a player owns 3 to 4 pairs, they will divide them to arrange 1 pair for each hand. Most specifically, you need to line up the first limb with the largest pair.

In case you own 3 pairs, you can also think about arranging 2 pairs on the first limb. In the middle hand, you will arrange 1 pair, and in the last hand, arrange the remaining 5 strongest cards.


In addition, if a member has 4 pairs on hand, of which 2 pairs are placed in the first leg, and the last 2 pairs are placed in the middle leg. In the remaining hand, members need to arrange the 5 strongest cards in their hand.

Arrange 3 boxes of poker

One of the Mau Binh playing strategies that many people apply is the 3-card box format. Specifically, members will arrange the first branch as the bucket, while strong pairs will use it as the last branch. In addition, members who do not like to place the strongest pair in the last limb can use it in the middle limb.

Three-way strategy

If the player of Binh Xap Xam owns 3 pairs and odd cards in his hand, he can think of arranging 3 cards. Members will arrange 3 corresponding pairs in descending order. When players are lucky, they can also win compared to 1 or 2 other people.

Arrange together

While playing Xap Xam, players can also choose the method of arranging hordes. If in the player’s hand he owns 1 gray and 1 pair, then put them in the first hand, or can split them. 

Specifically, members can arrange gray in the first group, and pairs in the last group. This method has been successfully applied by experts and won many valuable rewards.

Dismissal method

One of the strategies for playing Binh Xap Xam that many people apply is to clear the cards. This technique is quite familiar to many players who own infantry, lancers, and hordes.

In this case, you need to arrange crates, straights and floods in the first branch to easily win. However, breaking the cards is also considered quite a risky way, because if you are unlucky it can lead to a total loss.

However, the player will only lose a small amount of money, but in the end will earn a big reward. Because if you are lucky, you can earn money in the first and middle parts, helping to recover capital very quickly.

Above is important information about the game Binh Xap Xam, which is loved and chosen by many members. It can be said that Mau Binh is an attractive intellectual masterpiece that brings the opportunity to win for participants to experience. Hopefully everyone will earn attractive amounts of money when applying the rules established by Jun88 Share above.

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